You are cordially invited to our private, carefully curated, inclusive, supportive digital home for your parent support needs via Discord – Brain Trust.


Exclusive access to a vibrant community of like-minded parents, allowing you to connect, share experiences, and learn from others who are also on their own parenting journeys.


Priority access to our exclusive events and workshops.


Private, supportive and inclusive environment. No trolls here.


Access on all your devices.


Monthly Brain Storm with Nanny Jen for live q&a and presentations.


Access to an ever-growing resource toolbox for the top parenting challenges!

This sounds nice, but what is it going to cost?

that’s the full price | we bill monthly

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Community Members, click here for the community:


What is Discord?

Discord is our online community platform. It is as if Slack and Zoom had a baby: all the searchable discussions of Slack coupled with all the real time interaction of Zoom. You are welcome to participate in as much or as little as you wish of the community on the platform. Here is a great explainer video:

You will need to create a Discord account that is unique to you and link it with your access purchase. The access purchase process will guide you through this if you do not already have a Discord account.

Do I have to use Discord in order to participate?


Discord is the platform that we have chosen for our private community and so use of the platform is mandatory to access the Brain Trust. You do not need to use Discord to !getCoached, although complementary Brain Trust access is offered as part of your individual coaching experience.